Tommaso Beccari

University of Perugia
Professor Tommaso Beccari has a long experience on lysosomal enzymes that begun in 1985 at the King’s College of London ,UK in the laboratories of Prof. D. Robinson and Dr. JL Stirling, two pioneers in the field of lysosomes. He has been Visiting Professor at the King’s College, London, UK; Universitè Renè Descartes, Paris, France; Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen, Germany; University of Tromso, Norway. His research has been focused on the biochemistry and molecular biology of lysosomal enzymes and to study the pathophisiology of the lysosomal storage disorders. More recently his laboratory has partecipate to the development of a therapy for the lysosomal storage disease, alpha-mannosidosis. His laboratory is involved in the diagnosis of alpha-mannosidosis, beta-mannosidosis, mucolipidosis type II and III. Part of his research is oriented to analyses the relationship beteween lysosomal enzymes and Parkinson’s Disease. More recently two new ko mice for the chitobiase and cytoplasmic alpha-mannosidase have been generated in order to better understand the catabolism of oligosaccharides. Finally another topic of his research is on the genetic association of Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. Professor Tommaso Beccari is the author of several papers published on leading International journals.



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