Osman Erogul

Osman Erogul
Received his BSc degree from the Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department of Military Academy, MSc degree from the Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering of Middle East Technical University and PhD degree from the Department of Electronics Engineering of Ankara University. He was the head of Biomedical Engineering Centre, and Medical Design and Manufacturing Centre in Gulhane Military Medical Academy (GATA). He also worked as a research scientist in Communications Research Centre (Ottawa / Canada). He is currently the head of Biomedical Engineering Department and director of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences in TOBB University of Economics and Technology. Author of many scientific papers and patents on medical devices. He has also been designated as the representative of Turkey for the Medical Applications of KT Forum in CERN, Switzerland.

Current Research Areas : Physiological signal and speech processing, sleep signals processing, medical image processing, artificial intelligence, therapy evaluation, design and manufacturing of custom made implants, additive manufacturing, medical technology management, quality assurance system.

Prof.Dr. Osman EROGUL
TOBB University of Economics & Technology
Head of Department of Biomedical Engineering
Director of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
Tel: +90 312 2924053
e-mail: erogul@etu.edu.tr



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