Milan Certik

Milan Certik
Institute of Biotechnology, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

The research of Prof. Milan Čertík, Ph.D. is focused on study and regulation of microbial production of biologically active lipophilic compounds by solid state and submerged fermentations. The work also deals with gene engineering of yeasts to redesign metabolic pathways by functional expression of key genes coding biosynthesis of biologically active compounds. Prof. Milan Čertík is internationally respected and actively collaborates with several domestic and world-known universities, institutions and industrial partners. Prof. Milan Čertík has visited numerous institutions and universities over the world as Invited Professor (Japan, Thailand), Society Fellow (Japan, USA) and Invited Scientist (France, Japan, USA, Greece, Thailand, Taiwan, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic). So far, he has published 167 scientific and special papers, 1 book, 12 book chapters, he has been 1700 cited with h-index 25 (WOS) and he has had more than 400 congresses contributions. He has been involved into 81 projects (national, international, industrial) as a principal investigator of 24 national projects and Slovakian coordinator of 16 international projects. He has organized/co-organized several national and international congresses over the world.



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