Stanislav Miertus

Stanislav Miertus
Prof. Ing. Stanislav Miertus, DrSc., dr.h.c. has been active in the research and university areas for more than 45 years, first at Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava, Slovakia then at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava - full professor from 1989. In 1990 - 2010 he acted at United Nations Industrial Development Organization – International Centre for Science (UNIDO-ICS) in Trieste, Italy as area director and managing director. He was also visiting professor at universities in Pisa, Trieste, Milano, Paris, and New York. He has been the coordinator of international programs including more than 50 projects, conferences, and workshops in more than 30 countries worldwide. In 2011 he has established the new center (Intl. Center for Applied Research and Sust. Technology – ICARST) in Bratislava (currently its Director General) and since 2013 he also took the position of the Professor of Biotechnology at University UCM, Trnava, Slovakia. He has contributed to the development of science in biosensors, biofuels, medicinal biotechnology, biocompatible materials, computer chemistry and medicinal chemistry - drug design and development (HIV, malaria, TB, Avian flu and SARSCoV-2), with more than 260 publications (196 WoS), more than 20 books and compendia, with more than 13.300 citation (WoS). H-index - 33.



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