Lenka Mynarova

Lenka Mynarova
Nafigate Corp.

Lenka Mynářová,Dr. Is a chief marketing officer (CMO) and a Member of the Board of NAFIGATE Corporation, a.s. She is brand management specialist and more than 20 years she has worked in the field of marketing of research and development. She cooperated in fibrous nanotechnologies, namely in production of nanofibers are produced using the technology of Elmarco Ltd. as unique, long-standing know-how. Nanospider is the world`s best technology for the industrial production of nanofibers.

Lenka Mynarova is also an author of HYDAL conception and strategy. Hydal is the first biotechnology in the world to produce a biopolymer from waste oil on an industrial scale and is not consuming food chain sources like competitors that process e.g. sugar, starch or corn. This technology was awarded by The 2015 Frost and Sullivan Technology Innovation Award, Seal of Excellence of European Commission, China High-Tech Fair 2016 TOP 10 Product Award and China High-Tech Fair 2017 TOP 10 Product Award (winner).



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